Late/Lost Package

When a Package is Late or Lost

The Post Office is more overwhelmed and has less budget and employees than usual. This is resulting in mail running slowly and decreased communication from the USPS. If you are worried that your package is lost and/or stuck here are the steps we recommend taking:

  1. Check your tracking. Your tracking number can be found in the email associated with your order or on your order page on the website. If your tracking says “In Transit Arriving Late” this means it is still moving, just slowly, and should eventually make it to your destination. If you want us to keep an eye on your tracking number as well, email your tracking or order number to and we will add it to a list we are keeping a close watch on for movement or lack of.
  2. If it has been several days and your package is still not moving, please go to the USPS Missing Mail Page: and fill out the Help Request and Missing Mail form. The USPS will then look for your package and contact you, or get it moving, if they have more information. Signing up for Informed Delivery is also rumored to help move packages along:

If you would like to talk to a Post Office employee about your package, you can call the post office at: 1 (800) 275-8777 or visit your local post office.

  1. If it has been 15 days since your package has shipped and you still have not received it, you can begin the process of filing a claim: Either the recipient or the seller can file the claim. If you need any supporting documents or information for filing a claim, email and we are happy to help you. All packages are shipped with insurance so you are covered to file a claim.
  2. You will receive a decision about your claim in 5-10 days and should get your money back for the package USPS lost. In the event your claim is denied, you can file an appeal.